Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Alexei Korennykh, Ph.D.

Alexei Korennykh, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
[email protected]

Research Interest: Structural biology and mechanisms of signal transduction in stress and immune responses.
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Faculty Assistant

Karen Plantarich

Karen Plantarich
Faculty Assistant
[email protected] 


Postdoctoral Fellows

Amit Koul

Amit Koul, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D.: University of Manitoba (2020)
[email protected]

Graduate Students ​

Eliza Prangley

Eliza Prangley
Graduate Student


Kristina Solorio

Kristina Solorio
Graduate Student


Jin Du, Ph.D. (Graduate Student, 2015-2021)
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Genentech, Inc. (Ashkenazi Lab)
Michael Estrella, Ph.D. (Postdoc, 2016-2020)
Currently: Adjunct Assistant Professor, City University of New York-Brooklyn College
Alisha Chitrakar, Ph.D. (Graduate Student, 2012-2019)
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University (Xiao Lab)
Sneha Rath, Ph.D. (Graduate Student, 2012-2018)
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School (Mootha Lab)
Kaitlin Demarest‎ (Undergraduate, '18)
Currently: Thomas Jefferson University, Medical College
Selam Zenebe-Gete (Undergraduate, '18)
Jesse Donovan, Ph.D. (Postdoc/Research Scholar, 2011-2018)
Currently: Scientist, Gotham Therapeutics
David Kolet-Mandrikov (Undergraduate, '17)
Yuchen Han, Ph.D. (Graduate Student, 2011-2016)
Currently: Legal Manager, Davis Polk
Gena Whitney (Research Specialist, 2011-2016)
Kwaku Offei-Addo (Undergraduate, '16)
Currently: Graduate Student, University of Virginia
Mitchell Ng (Undergraduate, '16)
Spring Davis (Undergraduate, '13)

Recent Publications

Introns encode dsRNAs undetected by RIG-I/MDA5/interferons and sensed via RNase L
Concerted 2-5A-Mediated mRNA Decay and Transcription Reprogram Protein Synthesis in the dsRNA Response
The metabolites NADP+ and NADPH are the targets of the circadian protein Nocturnin (Curled)


Korennykh Lab
Department of Molecular Biology
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